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Something Different is really gonna be something different. read on…

Before some days my friend gmail id hacked, we tried everything like password recovery, contact gmail support center for recover/reset password for that account, but didn’t work out anything. One day something pop up in my mind.

“Why don’t gmail do Password Protect a single email”, So that If email id hack, hacker can’t read password protected email. User can secure their important mail with password other than their email account,  and even if his/her id hack, nobody will read protected email unless one enter correct password.

More on this Gmail offer to select multiple conversion at once, and so it could be done to set password for multiple email at once(i.e. single password for multiple mail), user can move their important email to one label (in gmail label is like Folder) and then set password for multiple email at once rather than set password for single email, aka A single password for multiple mail.

I have also tweet about this to Google, but no reply so finally i decided to write one post. Here are my tweets and

I love gmail and I know Google people will do better than any one else. So I specify gmail  only in this post. But other  email provider can also take use of this, but please let me know if you gonna introduce this feature in your service. For my own happiness only.

Thank you for your time to read my Post.



  1. Very Nice post. I liked it.

  2. There is no thing as ‘difficult’ for hackers. Its all about ROI for them as well. If they think it worth snooping your password for your gmail password they will snoop in your password for protected emails too!

    Unfortunately, this will only hold them for couple of seconds more for the accounts they have already hacked and the ones that aren’t hacked yet will have this password hacked too!

    But, shouldn’t the idea to begin with, should be to reduce the incidents where IDs are hacked. You are third person who has mentioned ‘a friend’ being hacked for their gmail IDs..!

    • @Bhasker,
      Thank you for your comment, but this is just one more step to add security, Hacker can hack but they require some extra efforts and if password are not the same as gmail password then it will hard to read protected emails. Maybe gmail can add more security to this features.

      As Hari told “if u have more number of fences at border, u r more secure from yr enemies.”

  3. Thanks for sharing information..

    • You’re welcome Amit. You can also spread this post in your network too.

  4. Well for hackers it won’t take time to go one level further and hack it… If they can hack your gmail p/w they could hack other set p/w too….

    • Well Ashish, This is Right, as you told they have to take one step further to read the mail, but if password is different than the mail id password, it will little bit difficult to hack.

      • Here I agree with Ashish, but i also believe that adding more layer of security is always better. e.g. US Bank has started asking personal question each time u log in, based on personal info u provided earlier. Its like if u have more number of fences at border, u r more secure from yr enemies.

  5. well said Suresh,

    Its like adding one more layer of security to important email. This feature is in use since long time, not in email of course but in PC. In any comp you can give pw to certain folders. you have gone one step further. Very nice idea. I hope google can consider yr request.

    • Thank Hari for your comments,

      Yes, this features is used before in password protect folder but still not used in any email facility. If it will reach to Google’s ear then this will be my biggest achievement.

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