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Hello everyone,

You might be wondering why there is no recent post about NetCop, actually we were digging into NetCop code to resolve the “Starting Installation…” problem that reported by some people (only 4 people reported this problem), we always welcome your suggestion.

We have released the latest version of NetCop with several bug fixes. Please try latest version of NetCop  and still if you have any problem, feel free to write on us.

So, let’s find out what’s new in NetCop version 1.1

1. Do not need to read any document to create multiple users. .csv file format at your glance.

.csv file format

2. Now you can restrict your user by allocate just only 16 Kbps speed, that will save your bandwidth and of couse Money($) .

Edit User

3. A bit more explanatory Network Config tab. This is how NetCop will fit into your Network.

Network Config

We’d love what you say.

Thank You for your support.

NetCop Team.



  1. Hi, am new to netcop, just install version 1.1.0 today. After installation I try to reach the web interface of netcop the response i get is Fatal error: This file has expired. in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/netcop/index.php on line 0. How do I resolve this ?

    • Hi Bamensah,

      Thanks for the interest in NetCop, There is no active development of NetCop, You can try uninstalling the software and reinstall the same. Hope the error will be resolved.

      • Thanks Skanzariya will try this…

  2. thank guys good effort … xpecting more

    • @Black Reaper,
      We just need your support to make NetCop better. Please write on us…

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