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It’s been said over and over again, that Linux is one of the most secure operating systems today. And, it’s been proven over and over that it is quite secure. Knowing this, there’s no surprise that Linux has been chosen as the primary platform for our most critical applications and appliances. How many appliances do you know of that run Windows? I have yet to see a single one. I think not only is Linux far superior with security, but it is not as bloated as Windows and is far more adaptable for appliances and many many specialized applications.

Late last fall, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a memorandum regarding the use of open source software. In this memorandum, many points about open source software were brought up, basically praising the use of open source in mission critical applications. Some main points were brought up in this document:

– Open Source software is globally developed, which in turn allows quick and efficient elimination of software defects, thus promoting more secure software.

– Open Source software allows unrestricted flexibility, which enabled the Department of Defense to respond quickly and efficiently to situations, missions, and security threats.

– Unrestricted licensing allows for rapid provisioning and growth.

– Open Source software can be easily “test driven” without any side implications or restrictions.

So in the end, the point is that Linux and Open Source software allows entities to run an efficient and extremely flexible platform. There is ultimate freedom in experimentation and usage, which promotes overall efficiency and most importantly security.

If Linux is recommended by the Department of Defense, then I consider it good for me as well. I no longer trust Internet Explorer or Windows for that matter, with any valuable information online. Too often I hear about rootkits and malware running silently in Windows, allowing critical information to be gathered through a backdoor. Even the most recent activity regarding the TDL3 rootkit which was installed on a huge amount of Windows computers. Users never even knew it was there until the Microsoft patch for the 17 year old bug was released. I’ve seen malicious programs get downloaded and launched by simply visiting a website with Internet Explorer. With all things considered, Linux proves to be the most solid platform in the long run, which to me should make it the #1 choice for servers and desktops, or whatever application you choose.


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