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NetCop is designed in a way that it requires minimum support, based on our network knowledge we have automated most of the configuration related task for example. You don’t need to configure NetCop firewall settings by default NetCop does not allow any inbound connections from internet. It only allows authenticated connections from LAN to Internet. Same way webcache and virus modules do not require any configuration. In order for NetCop to run efficiently in your network all it requires is to create Users and make some minor changes in filter, rest will be automatically configured.

In order to know how to install NetCop UTM, please refer to Installation video, it is very easy to install NetCop server in your PC having 2 network cards.

In order to know how to create and manage users, please refer to user management video

same way, various videos in this section will help you get started on self supporting NetCop UTM.

By developing NetCop, we have tried to provide you a UTM which does not require you to be a Network Admin. You can concentrate on your business and let NetCop do the job of securing your network.

Thank You.
NetCop Team


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