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The most awaiting part of NetCop is FAQ is now available on website.

NetCop – FAQ

There are many open source UTM distributions available, why one more?

Yes, we know there many open source UTM distributions available for download like Smoothwall, Untangle, Endian etc. They are designed for experienced network admin who knows what they are doing. Our target users are small business owners who want to protect their network without the help of full-time network administrator. NetCop is easy to install, maintain and manage.

What do you mean easy to install, maintain and manage?

icon Easy to install: In order to install NetCop, all you have to do is to put the CD in CD drive and restart PC. There are only three questions to answer IP Address of Outside Interface, IP Address of Inside Interface and default gateway. NetCop configures rest, even makes the entry of public DNS server.

icon Easy to maintain: In order to maintain, there is not special card to be taken. When your database is more than 10% , you get the message to clean it up.

icon Easy to manage: Creating user profile is defined by just entering three parameters. Name/ Password/ Bandwidth/ Time. All the Firewall rules/ reporting rules are configured automatically.

For more faq, please visit WhiteWay website.

Thank You,

NetCop Team.



  1. 1.No linux specification is given. for example, is it going to work on Oracle Enterprise linux?
    2. Installation guide is not there at all. why don’t you put the link to the video.?
    3. this link is not working.

    • Ali,

      Thanks for the post.
      NetCop is itself a Linux system, so you can installed it in VirtualBox if you want to use it in other linux distribution.
      Link is not working.

  2. The site says it’s only free for 3 months?

  3. @George
    Yes, NetCop is free, anyone can download NetCop and use it.

    –NetCop Team

  4. Is NetCop free?

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