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Well people are talking about NetCop document from all around the world, they are right. No documentation or faq are available yet, because that part is in process, once we completed you will able to read/download from our main site

One thing for sure is NetCop is not that much difficult to manage, from its GUI it is easy to manage user(s). In my previous post about NetCop – Uniq UTM I mentioned how it is easy to create user. Now as on i have started writing article about NetCop, this series of article is like quick understanding of NetCop. Detailed explanation and picture help you to understand better.

In this article we will see how to edit user(s). NetCop - Edit userEdit user is quite simple, press Edit User in NetCop GUI, select a radio button and then press SEARCH button, the user(s) list and related action will list down, select an action to edit/delete user(s), or you can enter name of user then select radio button and search for the users. You can also enter short name like ‘a’ so the name begining with a will list down below.

So, that is all about How to edit user in NetCop. We will see more about NetCop in next article. stay tuned…


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