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In my previous article i told you about NetCop UTM. Do normal user have knowledge about firewall and UTM?  Do they  know about difference between firewall and UTM?  All i have done is talking about netcop netcop and netcop. OK, so

What is the difference between firewall and utm?

A firewall is use for determining which ports are open to outsiders and which applications can be accessed by the users etc. The content filter and webcache is used to allow/disallow user to view the content of the webpage, an anti-virus engine is used to filter mail and web content. But after all this merged in single definition  called UTM, that does Website/URL blocking, Webcache, Virus scan, VPN, Firewall, ANtivirus, Antispan, and many more features included depending on vendor.

So, that is the difference between firewall and utm. OK let’s now move on. We have already mention that NetCop is Uniq UTM. Why it is uniq? Normally UTM product comes with configuration and that configuration include Policy making, Group Making and lots of several configuration are there. So, to create a single user it is very tough for Administrator, he or she require special training to create a user. But in NetCop we keep minimum configuration for Administrator so that he or she can easily manage it.

netcop user create

So, by just pressing 2 mouse click and you can create a user and good to go. No need to define any policy , No need to create any group, nothing.  Its GUI is so simple so that anyone can manage it easily.

Please give it a try and let us know how can we make it better.

for further information please visit WhiteWay.



  1. user name and password tell me admin admin not work

  2. I agree. User level settings are not easy to find in the market.

    • Yes, that’s why we kept minimum configuration in NetCop, so even simple user can configure and manage NetCop.

  3. Oh its really easy to use.. i have been using costly UTM from the last few years but still i am not able to create a single user..but it seems very easy….cooooooooollllllll

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