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NetCop is Uniq UTM solutions for SMEs, College,University and Corporate. NetCop do Webcache, Virus Scan, Content Filter, Bandwidth Management, HotSpot. NetCop works  with wired and wireless network.

Connectivity Diagram explain how to setup of NetCop.

NetCop install very fast in your system. See the Installation video for more information.

No Software require in client computer. NetCop automatically provide Login page when client start to Surf.

So, What are you waiting…

Click here to download NetCop.

For more information about NetCop, Please visit WhiteWay site.

Ready to here any query, question and suggestion from user.


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    • Bernhardt B. Husen
    • Posted February 23, 2016 at 11:02 am
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    Would be nice to know how to install this iso-file… if it isn’t a bad joke ! I burned it on a CD… but that doesn’t help, so what to do ? Following the links here on the site just ends nowhere…


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