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NetCop is using advance virus scanner from , ClamAV has automatic virus signature updating capabilities. ClamAV is protection millions of networks across the internet. ClamAV is automatically configured and installed during NetCop server install. No configuration is required.

With NetCop’s virus scanning capabilities you can:

  • Prevent Hackers from Stealing Your Personal and Financial Information Keep your computer safe from dangerous virus threats
  • Protect your personal data from hackers Detect and remove Spyware, Adware and Web Dialers
  • If you’re like most computer users, you have probably experienced a computer crash caused by a virus, and you feel that your network is not fully protected from hackers’ attacks.
  • Do you know that there are about 48,000 known computer viruses that can be received by email or contracted just by surfing the Internet? This number is growing daily, and their reach is frightening. Only in a matter of seconds viruses are able to destroy your computer and make your private information available to others. This might have happened already …
  • Do you want to protect and secure your network? Why wait and take chances? You do not want to have your computer users hard disk destroyed, your users personal information stolen and your users computer files erased.
  • With the growing number of viruses – worms, and other hazards that can easily infect your computer, protecting your PC has never been more important.

You can take advantage of gateway level Virus Scan from NetCop virus scanning module. It’s the best and latest defense against the worst PC threats like viruses that hide in e-mails and infect your favorite web sites.

NetCop takes totally different approach for scanning virus, it scans web pages, files including compressed files and looks for virus signature while doing content filtering and proxying, at NetCop – server. So it’s faster and reliable. For browsing sessions, the NetCop will check all pages and downloads against the virus database, which gets updated automatically for any new virus threats

Why is scanning at a gateway often more flexible and powerful than scanning on my desktop PCs ?

Where gateway scanning particularly adds value above and beyond both simple desktop and external scanning is when networks are opened up for mobile users and visitors temporarily plug their notebooks into a network. While a network manager may be able to implement adequate policies and actual deployment of anti virus solutions on desktop PCs, the likelihood is he has far less control over portable computers. These PCs, by their very nature, are more likely to have anti virus solutions that are not kept up to date and are being connected to multiple sources of infection. Scanning on the NetCop automatically prevents viruses being spread by visitors or mobile workers when they connect into the organization’s LAN.

NetCop’s  Virus Scan Engine is built using ClamAV open source antivirus program, with ClamAV you can

  • Detect over 48000 viruses, worms and trojans
  • Built-in support for RAR (2.0), Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, Tar, MS OLE2, MS Cabinet files, MS CHM, MS SZDD
  • Built-in support for Portable Executable files compressed with UPX, FSG, and Petite
  • Auto update for new threats

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