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In-fact every user connected behind NetCop gateway is treated as HotSpot user. In order to use NetCop authentication capabilities, users don’t have to install any authentication client. When any user tries to go out of the network, they will be presented LOGIN screen.

Wireless HotSpot can be extended using a simple bridge AP by connecting it with LAN. Any wireless users tries to use wireless network, will be presented with same LOGON screen. Only users with right credential will be allowed to go out and access network.

HotSpot is a part of a NetCop solution to extend your company network to new departments wirelessly. It can provide employees with virtual seamless mobile access to business applications and internal network resources. The NetCop Secure Wireless Hotspot Network Solution for your corporation can help you increase productivity. Improve employee satisfaction. Protect your corporate information and assets.

HotSpot offer employees convenience, ease of use, When a company implements NetCop with Hotspot solution, we add security-rich wireless LAN support to the currently existing wired intranet network. We set up an environment where an employee can access the enterprise network with mobility. Once they establish a connection to the NetCop, all the corporate applications and tools that the employee is authorized for are available from that client. Companies that implement this type of solution generally experience improvements in employee satisfaction and morale, as well as productivity, because employees are able to work in more convenient locations and remain connected to the network.

HotSpot lower costs while increasing productivity, The NetCop Secure Wireless Networking Solution provides a security-rich environment designed to offer a quick return on investment. The solution can help:

  • Provide a modular foundation upon which you can grow by adding new wireless applications and access points and pervasive devises as needs change.
  • Increase productivity by keeping employees connected to the network more often and saving them time when switching between network environments.
  • Offer savings over wired networks on cabling, moves and IT labor costs. Deliver enterprise-class security without the enterprise-class cost.

Extend your secure wireless coverage with NetCop Hotspot:
Connect as many wireless access points you want to extend wireless coverage if basic wireless coverage provided by NetsurfCop gateway is not enough for your company, your wireless network remain secure and safe, as NetCop gateway, will provide secure authentication and access to users who are authorized. You can use 3rd party access points provided they are in bridge mode and have 10/100 compatible LAN port to extend your wireless coverage.

NetCop HotSpot for Wired and Wireless Users:

NetCop gateway in it’s standard hardware configuration comes with WLAN (AP) interface, When you install NetCop in your organization, you will have two types of users wired and wireless to access local resources and internet. Wired users

NetCop is industries first solution which can support Wired as well as Wireless users for safe, secure and authenticated internet access.

Wired (LAN) Users
HotSpot for Wired Users ? Yes, when wired user connected to LAN tries to go to internet using web browser, they will be presented login box as a part of AAA – Authentication process, upon correct user name and password, wired user will be allowed/not allowed to access the internet. Their internet usage, time, data downloaded and web site visited will be tracked.LAN users can access LAN resources without any authentication requirements from NetsurfCop. Although LAN users can be authenticated against NT Domain or Active directory. Wired users can be on fixed or dynamic IP address.

Wireless (WLAN) Users
WLAN user are mobile users, they are also DHCP clients, when any mobile user comes in the range of any of the NetCop gateway, and when try to access LAN resources or go to internet, they will be presented login screen and only allowed upon authentication. Wireless authentication and data transfer can be encrypted and user authentication will happen using SSL based web server.


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