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Internet usage management is becoming more and more routine in the world. No matter where you use internet at business or at school. You need to find a right solution to mange internet access for your users which can manage usage as well as protect your users from wireless and provide safe and secure internet access experience so your employee can use internet in productive way rather than destructive way, but many Internet usage tracking solutions are expensive and complicated to configure and support. NetCop allows you to monitor and manage internet usage without much hassle. NetCop can effectively log internet activity and track internet history of the browser. You must realize internet abuse is becoming serious when the internet usage in growing around the world.

Using NetCop you can manage bandwidth, manage on-line time and manage data transfer

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth is a commodity item in today’s corporate environment. While corporate are trying to reign in IT budgets, to do more with less, users are pushing the drive for more bandwidth.

Traditionally, the answer to bandwidth limitations has been to either increase the bandwidth or live with increased slowness. In the first solution, users get the required bandwidth, but IT budgets take on an additional financial burden. The second solution keeps the accountants happy, but end-users, as well as potentially customers, feel the pain of over-subscribed telecommunication circuits. In both cases, someone loses. NetCop has perfect bandwidth management solution that help maintain the balance between increased IT costs and the need to have additional bandwidth for business critical uses. By employing the user based bandwidth management.

Access time management

As a smart manager, you should realize the importance of Internet usage management for users and know how to track employee Internet usage. In addition to web usage tracking, managers should can control internet access time all the way up to hour level at workplace to prevent any computer misuse. NetCop can help you monitor each workstation in a computer network to track internet usage and other computer activities so that you can monitor employees no matter they work in local office or remote location . Access time manage can be done per user bases, you can allow/disallow internet access to your employees with great combination of time management interface.


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