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Life is tough. It is demanding. It is cruel. Once you accept this reality, everything seems so easy. In a world pregnant with question marks, it is easy to fall prey to the temptation of becoming a pessimist.

It is easy to see a problem everywhere. But, it takes a creative mind to figure out that there is so much to live for, enjoy and feel complete.

Research has shown how people with an optimistic mindset who undergo a brain scan have that part lighting up more than those who are negatively inclined. An optimistic mindset helps us battle the worst. It helps us find solutions. Optimism induces energy to cope. Pessimism, on the other hand, does all it can to destroy hope.

It is not easy being an optimist in tough times, such as these we are facing now. News trickles in daily of jobs lost, salaries cut. But in the worst of times, we have to figure out how to beat it, how to move ahead, how to triumph. Bad times are actually good times as they are challenging opportunities to correct ourselves and our lifestyles.

Actually, there is so much to feel good about. Take a look at the lovely trees changing colours as spring comes. See the varied flowers with their shapes and colours. Hear the birds sing as they fly home at sunset. Watch the beauty of the setting sun that is soon going to light up another part of the world.

Feel the vastness of the sea and the way nature has been sculpted with so much attention to detail. Feel love. Think of the fact that you have a roof over your head, three meals a day, money in your bank account. Healthy children. Loving families. The list of positives can be long.

Once we rationalise, pessimism dies. How can we indulge in pessimism when we see that our lives have bettered everyday? Rewind to the past and see. We have mobiles, the internet, household gadgets and technology that have revolutionised our lives. Everyday. Life is only getting better.
There is no logic in hanging on to pessimism as it gets us nowhere. So, fight pessimism. The best thing about miracles is that they happen. Just have an open mind and you will see miracles happening. Life is good, so enjoy it before it end.


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