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I encountered libtool version mismatch error while building Buildroot for ARM architecture on Ubuntu 32bit machine.

Below command help me to resolve this issue. I moved to the package director and apply the command. After this buildroot building process start smoothly.

‘autoreconf -vfi’

Hope this will save your time.

See you in next post.:)

Mothers Day

There is no words to express Mother’s Love !!

Happy Mother’s Day.

*That’s little cute Boy is my Nephew – Saket.:)


A few days back, I was replying my friend via tweet. He had some problem with regarding support with a company which provides cloud hosting, so he was asking about the proper support via twitter, I seen his tweet and immediately tweet again to the same company.

Now an Interesting things comes to my mind, Why not Twitter save the all mentions (‘@’) which we replied, so that next time If we want to tweet those people, they appear in our list when we start typing. In short there must me some mechanism to store all mentions so that in future those contact are ready when we want to connect with him further.

I am using twitter in my android phone and Macbook, so I am not sure if this functionality provided by other Apps or not, But it will be great If I got this features in my android phone and Macbook.

Hope Twitter guys will implement this features one day and tweet me back.:)


While compiling MPlayer-1.0rc4, If you stuck at ‘undefined reference to `__isoc99_sscanf’, do the following to overcome the problem.

1. Since you configure the source, so object file generated, remove this file using make clean followed by make distclean i.e. make clean && make distclean.
2. run ./cofigure again, this will generate config.mak file.
3. open config.mak file by vi config.mak (OR any other editor).
4. Add ‘-D_GNU_SOURCE‘ to CFLAGS without quotes.
5. run make and you will be very happy to see your mplayer binary.

Hope this post will save your googling time.:)



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