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A few days back, I was replying my friend via tweet. He had some problem with regarding support with a company which provides cloud hosting, so he was asking about the proper support via twitter, I seen his tweet and immediately tweet again to the same company.

Now an Interesting things comes to my mind, Why not Twitter save the all mentions (‘@’) which we replied, so that next time If we want to tweet those people, they appear in our list when we start typing. In short there must me some mechanism to store all mentions so that in future those contact are ready when we want to connect with him further.

I am using twitter in my android phone and Macbook, so I am not sure if this functionality provided by other Apps or not, But it will be great If I got this features in my android phone and Macbook.

Hope Twitter guys will implement this features one day and tweet me back. :)


While compiling MPlayer-1.0rc4, If you stuck at ‘undefined reference to `__isoc99_sscanf’, do the following to overcome the problem.

1. Since you configure the source, so object file generated, remove this file using make clean followed by make distclean i.e. make clean && make distclean.
2. run ./cofigure again, this will generate config.mak file.
3. open config.mak file by vi config.mak (OR any other editor).
4. Add ‘-D_GNU_SOURCE‘ to CFLAGS without quotes.
5. run make and you will be very happy to see your mplayer binary.

Hope this post will save your googling time. :)


Something Different is really gonna be something different. read on…

Before some days my friend gmail id hacked, we tried everything like password recovery, contact gmail support center for recover/reset password for that account, but didn’t work out anything. One day something pop up in my mind.

“Why don’t gmail do Password Protect a single email”, So that If email id hack, hacker can’t read password protected email. User can secure their important mail with password other than their email account,  and even if his/her id hack, nobody will read protected email unless one enter correct password.

More on this Gmail offer to select multiple conversion at once, and so it could be done to set password for multiple email at once(i.e. single password for multiple mail), user can move their important email to one label (in gmail label is like Folder) and then set password for multiple email at once rather than set password for single email, aka A single password for multiple mail.

I have also tweet about this to Google, but no reply so finally i decided to write one post. Here are my tweets and

I love gmail and I know Google people will do better than any one else. So I specify gmail  only in this post. But other  email provider can also take use of this, but please let me know if you gonna introduce this feature in your service. For my own happiness only.

Thank you for your time to read my Post.

Look at this Link. They only tested  tataphoton on RHEL 3 and several other version, but wait what about user having RHEL5.

This is very straight forward Article about getting usb modem to work on linux. The most annoying part is usb_modeswith utility. Download usb_modeswitch-0.9.4.tar.bz2 ready made source of this utility .

When  you plug tataphotone USB modem  in RHEL 5, by default it will consider it as SCSI Storage device (that’s what happen to me) , But to make it work it must be convert into Serial device so that it can act as USB modem.

To convert back to USB serial modem, blacklist both driver (i.e. scsi_mod, usb_storage). Add this entry to /etc/modeprobe.d/blacklist file and reboot the system. After reboot load usbserial driver by issing command  “modprobe usbserial vendor=vid product=pid”, where vid and pid can be found from lsusb command, and do “dmesg” you will see something like

usbcore: registered new driver usbserial
drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial support registered for generic

Now issue command usb_modeswitch -v 0x12d1 -p 0x140b -d 1 then usb_modeswitch -v 0x12d1 -p 0x140b -H 1. You will able to see ttyUSB{0-4} in your /dev directory. That’s it, You are good to go. Now type wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf it will generate wvdial.conf in etc directory and then finally wvdial, now make change in wvdial.conf and you will be able to surf Internet.

This is just a middle part of working Tataphoton+ under Linux, which lacks in many forum/blogg/article. More on wvdial, lsusb, usb_modeswitch, you’ll find in many article. I just share my experiance How i make Tataphoton work under RHEL 5 Linux.

Hope it will Help you and save your time.

Like it, share it, join me.

Happy Surfing.


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